Nuodun supplies single axis robot with both ball screw and timing belt drive system. Total six main models from low payload to high payload types.

  • High payload:  maximum payload 150kg for single axis horizontal and 75kg vertical. *For NDS and NDSW series.
  • Long stroke: project worked with a maximum stroke 55M. *For M and L series timing belt.
  • High speed: maximum speed 2500 mm/s for ball screw driven model, 5000mm/s for timing belt driven model depending on load.
  • High accuracy: position repeatability ±0.01mmfor ball screw driven model, ±0.05mm for timing belt driven model.
  • Installation direction options: horizontal, vertical, wall-mounted, and hanging
single axis robot belt driven

M Series Single Axis Robot Timing Belt 

Precision-engineered, sealed bearing, hardened steel rails, steel-reinforced tooth belts. Suitable for long stroke, fast speed, and low noise operation.

single axis robots long carriage

L Series Single Axis Robots Belt Driven Long Carriage

High-performance linear actuators with steel reinforced driving belts. High working cycles, cost-effective solutions. Suitable for long stroke, fast speed, and low noise operation.

single axis robots clean room

NDT Series Fully Closed Single Axis Robots Belt Actuators

Dust-proof design, fully closed with a steel cover strip to achieve a high cleanliness degree. Excellent performance for long stroke and high-speed transfer.

single axis robot ball screw

NDS Series Single Axis Robot Ball Screw

Guided by a linear guideway, lightweight aluminum base. High rigidity, high repeatability ± 0.01mm. Suitable for semiconductor and industrial automation. applications.

single axis robot fully closed

NDSW Series Fully Closed Single Axis Robot Ball Screw

Fully closed dust-proof design, compact body equipped with a steel sheet on the top, prevent foreign object from entering the body. High protection for dirty environments.

single axis robot built in

ATO Series Built In Single Axis Robot Ball Screw

Compact robust design, the integrated guide rail/frame structure has smaller frame sizes compared with similar load rating actuators. ideal for applications where maximizing space is critical.

Highly Customizable Multi-axis Designs

These single-axis robots can be easily configured to a wide variety of multi-axis gantry systems.  NUODUN can select the optimal combination according to your payload, stroke, speed, accuracy, and installation space. 

  • Strokes are custom-made for each of the X, Y, and Z axes.
  • Many variations and combinations are available.
  • A wide range of accessories is available, such as motor/driver, energy chains, mounting brackets, sensors, etc.
  • These systems are engineered and tested, short assembly time, low maintenance, and two-year warranty.
  • You can get fast engineering support from us from design to completion.
  • Whether you are a small end user or a large distributor, you can count on us to deliver optimum solutions at a low cost.

Need help with your project? Our team who has a wealth of experience in the industry is ready to assist you in the design and selection.