Nuodun X-axis manual translation stages have high accuracy, improved processing technology, as well as affordable prices.

  • Aluminum alloy body, lightweight.
  • High precision, within 0.03mm
  • Fast delivery, can ship within 3 days.
  • Cross roller guideway, smoother sliding, better durability.
  • Black anodic oxidation treatment, effectively prevents the reflection of light, perfect for the optical field.
  • Variety of additional processing to meet the installation and usage on different occasions.

X Axis Stages Specification

Model NOStage SurfaceTable thicknessLoad Capacity (N)StrokeMinimum scaleMotion ParallelismParallelismWeight
NX3030×3015mm14.7N(1.5kgf)±3mm0.01mm≤ 0.005mm/6mm0.02mm0.06
NX40 40×4018mm29.4N(3kgf)±6.5mm0.01mm≤ 0.01mm/13mm0.02mm0.14
NX50 50×5018mm44N(4.5kgf)±6.5mm0.01mm≤ 0.01mm/13mm0.02mm0.18
NX60 60×6018mm49N(5kgf)±6.5mm0.01mm≤ 0.01mm/13mm0.03mm0.24
NX80 80×8018mm65N(6.6kgf)±6.5mm OR ±12.5mm0.01mm≤ 0.01mm/13mm0.03mm0.3
NX90 90×9018mm93.1N(9.5kgf)±6.5mm OR ±12.5mm0.01mm≤ 0.02mm/25mm0.03mm0.47
NX100100×10020mm98N(10kgf)±12.5mm0.01mm≤ 0.02mm/25mm0.03mm0.68
NX125125×12528mm98N(10kgf)±12.5mm0.01mm≤ 0.02mm/25mm0.04mm1.4
NX160160*16030MM392N(40kgf)±25mm0.01mm≤ 0.05mm/50mm0.05mm2.55
NX200200*20030MM392N(40kgf)±25mm0.01mm≤ 0.05mm/50mm0.05mm3.69

Manual Translation Stages Installation Instructions

■Installation method of X-axis manual linear stages: Common method is moving the slide table to install. See the figure below.

x axis stage installation

■Installation Posture: Choose from horizontal, inverted, side-on-horizontal, or side-on-vertical installations. Depending on the mounting posture, the load resistance and accuracy will vary greatly.

manual linear translation stage installation method
○: Same level of load resistance.
△: About 1/3 of the horizontal load resistance is the approximate standard, and the vertical load resistance listed in the product catalog is preferred.
■: Using the X-axis slide table vertically
When using the X-axis manual linear positioning slide vertically, please pay attention to the feed direction, not in the same direction as the gravity.
Note that when using a micrometer knob-type slide, the slide is returned by a tension spring. If a force greater than the spring load is applied, the slide table may fall. In this case, secondary processing can be used to solve it.

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