Nuodun manual Z stage has high precision and high rigidity.  It’s widely used in precise positioning applications like cameras, sensor,s etc.

  • Black anodized aluminum alloy body
  • Guiding mechanism:  V groove and cross roller
  • Moving Direction: Z Axis 1 Direction
  • Fast delivery, can ship within 3 days.
  • The combination of the HG-VCR method and aluminum alloy makes it highly rigidity and lightweight.
  • Advanced methods include push stud, standard micrometer, and precision pitch micrometer

Precision Z stage Specification

Horizontal Lift Single RailHorizontal Lift Double Rail
Moving DirectionZ axis One Direction (Horizontal Lift)
Drive ModeMicrometer Head
Table Size (mm)40*4060*6090*9060*6080*8090*90125*125125*125
Table Thickness35~45mm42~52mm40~50mm66~86mm45~55mm
Load19.6N (2kgf)29.4N (3kgf)49N (5kgf)58.8N (6kgf)88.2N (9kgf)147N (15kgf)
Minimum Scale0.01mm0.01mm

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