Nuodun LV manual Z-axis vertical stage has higher precision and straightness of 0.02mm. It is suitable for optical fields with higher precision requirements.

  • Aluminum alloy body, lightweight.
  • High precision, within 0.02mm
  • Fast delivery, can ship within 3 days.
  • Cross roller guideway, smoother sliding, better durability.
  • Black anodic oxidation treatment, effectively prevents the reflection of light, perfect for the optical field.
  • Variety of additional processing to meet the installation and usage on different occasions.
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Manual Vertical Stage Specification

Axes of TravelZ axis(vertical lift)
Platform Size40x40mm50x50mm60x60mm80x80mm90x90mm
DriveMicrometer Head
Guide TypeCrossed Roller Guide
Readable Resolution0.01mm
Straightness accuracy≤ 0.01mm/13mm≤ 0.02mm/25mm≤ 0.01mm/13mm
MaterialAluminum Alloy
Load Capacity19.6N(2kgf)29.4N(3kgf)39.2N(4kgf)39.2N(4kgf)58.8N(6kgf)

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