Nuodun LV manual Z-axis vertical stage has higher precision and straightness of 0.02mm. It is suitable for optical fields with higher precision requirements.

  • Aluminum alloy body, lightweight.
  • High precision, within 0.02mm
  • Fast delivery, can ship within 3 days.
  • Cross roller guideway, smoother sliding, better durability.
  • Black anodic oxidation treatment, effectively prevents the reflection of light, perfect for the optical field.
  • Variety of additional processing to meet the installation and usage on different occasions.

Manual Vertical Stage Specification

Axes of TravelZ axis(vertical lift)
Platform Size40x40mm50x50mm60x60mm80x80mm90x90mm
DriveMicrometer Head
Guide TypeCrossed Roller Guide
Readable Resolution0.01mm
Straightness accuracy≤ 0.01mm/13mm≤ 0.02mm/25mm≤ 0.01mm/13mm
MaterialAluminum Alloy
Load Capacity19.6N(2kgf)29.4N(3kgf)39.2N(4kgf)39.2N(4kgf)58.8N(6kgf)

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