Nuodun long-stroke linear actuator can meet your unique long travel applications, such as spray coating, cleaning rollers, palletizing, munitions assembly, etc. As a professional manufacturer and supplier, you can count on our wealth of related project experience.

  • The longest stroke we had worked is 30m
  • L series Belt driven actuator is the best choice
  • Joint version with mounting brackets is available, easy to assemble and deliver

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Long Linear Actuator Case We worked

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Nuodun long-travel linear actuators are available in much longer lengths compared to ball screw actuators, its high speed, low maintenance, low noise, and are very cost-effective.

The max speed is up to 5m/min. Full mounting hardware, and stepper/servo motor is available. You can contact us for more information.

17m Long Actuator Application

30m Long Actuator 

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long stroke linear actuator