Nuodudn can configure all kinds of two-axis robot to meet your specific applications. It’s cost-effective, low maintenance, and easy to assemble and install.

  • Ball screw or belt-driven
  • Number of axes: 2 axis
  • Max stroke up to 6M, max load up to 150kg
  • Can tailormade to your specifications
  • Option: high accuracy or resistance to dirt and dust
  • Additional accessories: sensors, motor/driver, motor mount,  shaft, couplings, aluminum frame support, mounting hardware, cables.

More Configuration Of Two Axis Robot

xy linear actuator

Double Carriage Linear Actuator

Single Axis Dual Linear Actuator

Dual Axises Side By Side 

Doubel Dual Axises Structure

XY belt drive linear slide

XZ Cantilever Structure

XY Cross Horizontal Structure

XY Cross Vertical Structure

XY H-shaped Structure

xy belt driven linear rail

XZ H Shape Vertical

XY Horizontal Double Carriage

XYY Horizontal

XYY Vertical