three axis robot

Nuodudn can configure all kinds of three-axis robots to meet your specific applications. It’s cost-effective, low maintenance, and easy to assemble and install.

  • Ball screw or belt-driven
  • Number of axes: three axis
  • Can tailormade to your specifications
  • Option: high load, high speed
  • Option: high accuracy or resistance to dirt and dust
  • Additional accessories: sensors, motor/driver, motor mount,  shaft, couplings, aluminum frame support, mounting hardware, cables.

More Configuration Of Three Axis Robot

Nuodun belt actuators can offer more than 30 standard gantry configurations to solve all kinds of automation applications. They are a Ready-to-install system, including cable chain, limit switch, motor, mounting hardware etc.

xyz belt driven actuator

XYZ Belt Driven Linear Actuator

XYZ Gantry With Ball Screw

XYZ Cantilever Structure

XYZ Gantry( Aluminum Frame)

XYZ belt drive linear guide rail

XYZ Gantry With Double X Axis

XYZ Gantry With Double Z Axis

XYZ Axis With Aluminum Frame 

XYZ Axis With Aluminum Frame