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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, Nuodun can configure all kinds of linear robots to meet your application request. We save your time and reduce your start-up phase.

Linear robots also are known as gantry robots or cartesian robots. They consist of a combination of several linear axes. These axes move in a straight line to implement a multidimensional movement.

linear robots can achieve maximum efficiency due to no rotating exes, thus they are perfectly suited for repetitive positioning tasks such as picking and placing, transferring, labeling etc. What’s more, they are more cost-effective than other types of robots such as the articulated arm. Get a reliable and optimal solution now!

Linear Robots With Unlimited System Solutions

Nuodun supplies a variety of XY and XYZ cartesian gantry robots with belt-driven or ball screw actuators as well as stepper or servo motors. We supply customized solutions according to your specific request. The linear robot uses high-quality components to guarantee reliability. It allows the user to design a simple, time-saving, and economical solution for linear movements.

Toothed Belt or Ball Screw Driving Systems

High rigid aluminum profile as base material. Load carrying capacity up to 150 kg. The belt is for high speed, long stroke, and low noise. Ball screw for high precision and high torque.

Multi Axis Systems Configurations

Our Multi-Axis systems can be assembled in several different configurations. Full accessories include motors, couplings, shafts, sensors, energy chains, XYZ mounting brackets etc.

xy cartesian robots

XY Cartesian Robot

2 axis robot arm

2 Axis Robot Arm

xy linear actuator

XY linear actuator 

cartesian robot arm

Cartesian Robot Arm

3 axis cartesian robot

3 Axis Cartesian Robot

xyz linear actuator

XYZ linear actuator 

xyz gantry robot

XYZ Gantry Robot

cartesian robot

cartesian robot

XZ Gantry Robots

XZ Gantry Robots

XZ linear gantry

XZ linear gantry

Right Choice For Your Application

Nuodun can deliver the ideal cartesian gantry robot customized to meet your unique application requirements. Flexibility is one of our great advantages. Our experts will discuss with you which solution is best for you. You can directly get customer-specific assemblies to adapt to your existing systems.



Nuodun offers comprehensive services to you including competent consulting, application-oriented designs, and customer-specific engineering.

After you advise your application environment, mounting position, accuracy, payload, speed requirement,s, etc, our engineer sales will help to find the most suitable product and supply the 3D model design for your applications.



We modify our products for your requirements or develop tailor-made special solutions for you.



To improve production efficiency and reduce the cost, Nuodun heavily investing in R&D and innovation for many years and combined the all-in-one service
which include the SOP, Key component productions, production Know-how, and backlash adjustment.

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Nuodun offers linear robots, gantry robot systems with favorable price/performance ratios and fast delivery. We have over 10 years of linear motion experience and worked on countless cases. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you make linear motion easy.

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