linear modules

Nuodun offers a range of linear modules, they are very accurate, ready to install with high-performance features in a compact design.

  • Loads up to 150 kg
  • Linear modules max length 6M, longer for joint version
  • High travel speeds up to 5 m/s
  • Available in belt drives or ball screw drives
  • Mounting hardware, motor, driver, cable chain, limit switch, etc is available.
  • Easily transformed into a multi-axis XY, XYZ cartesian gantry system.

Linear Motion Modules Series

High performance and low costs are the outstanding features of Nuodun linear module. Various combinations of XY, XYZ multi gantry system is available depends on your requirement.

Linear Modules With Toothed Belt Drive Standard Carriage

Standard Carriage Belt Drive Linear Modules 

  • 10kg~50kg
  • Steel cords reinforced toothed belt
  • Maximum Speed: 5000 mm/sec
  • Repeat accuracy: 0. 05MM
  • High speed, long-stroke, low noise application
Linear Modules With Toothed Belt Drive long Carriage

Long Carriage Belt Drive Linear Modules 

  • 10kg~60kg
  • Steel cords reinforced toothed belt
  • Maximum Speed: 5000 mm/sec
  • Repeat accuracy: 0. 05MM
  • High speed, long-stroke, low noise application
belt drive linear slide

Fully Closed Belt Drive Linear Module

  • Load up to 80kg
  • Fully closed steel trip cover sealing
  • Repeat accuracy: 0. 05MM
  • Maximum Speed: 2000 mm/sec
  • High cleanliness degree & performance.
  • Suitable for clean room application
Ball Screw Actuator
  • Repeatability:+0.01mm
  • Horizontal Range 10kg to 110kg
  • Vertical Range 2kg to 33kg
  • Maximum Speed:100mm/s to 1600mm/s
  • Available Stroke Lengths: 50-1250 mm
ball screw actuator semi-enclosed
  • Repeatability: +0.01 mm
  • Horizontal Range from 13 kg up to 150kg
  • Vertical Range from 5kg to 75kg
  • Max Speed: 250mm/s to 2500mm/s
  • Available Stroke Lengths: 50-2000mm
clean room Ball Screw Linear Module
  • Repeatability: ± 0.01 mm
  • Horizontal Payload from 4kg to 150kg
  • Vertical Payload from 2kg to 75kg
  • Maximum Speed: 250 to 2500 mm/sec
  • Available Stroke Lengths: 50-1500 mm

Linear Module Application

Nuodun linear module can be used in a wide range of industrial applications, such as surface processing automation, self-adhesive labeling machine, conveying, automatic soldering system, painting spray machines, assembly machines, marking press machines, CCD lens shifting, etc. Below are examples of these applications.

Nuodun Linear Module Advantage

Technique Support

Providing CAD and 3D drawings for a whole system solution in 3-5 hours will make your projects easier.

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Factory Prices

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Increasing Production Productivity with a Tailored Design

Our single axis linear modules can be completely customized to all kinds of XY cartesian robots, XYZ gantry systems etc as per your automation application. We help you improve productivity with your ideal budget.

XYZ Cartesian Gantry Systems