belt drive linear slide
  • Model: L40-10 belt driven linear slide
  • Long carriage type
  • positioning repeatability: <0.05MM
  • load capacity: 10 KG
  • Width: 40MM
  • Pitch: 75MM
  • Max length: 6 meters or longer
  • Optional: Photoelectric or Proximity sensor, stepper or servo motor, cable chaine
  • Motion: horizontal, vertical or upside down

L40 Belt Drive Linear Slide Spec

L40 Belt Drive Linear Slide Spec

L40 Belt Drive Slide Feature

Belt Drive Linear Slider Feature

Various Mounting Accessory
Multi-purpose feet, the convenient quick combination of module and actuator

Modular Design

The modular design allows you to quickly build multi-axis XY/XYZ linear motion system for a variety of industrial automationl. The stroke can be customized as per your need.

Self-cleaning System

Nuodun belt Drive linear slide has a closed design, unique dustproof and dean, and comes with a self-lubricating device to ensure the service life and accuracy of the bearing even in harsh environments.

T Slot Nut Groove

The nut groove is provided on the side and the bottom surface for the linear slide, the drag chain, the sensor, the motor bracket/ adapter, etc., and can be moved along the beam body.

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Please note we are a professional belt drive slide manufacturer, we can supply linear slides, motors and drives. For the controller and PLC, it requires you to find other professional manufacturers to buy.

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