Nuodun supplies belt driven actuators, ball screw actuators, as well as all kinds of XY, XYZ multi-axis systems. For high speed and cost-effective automation solutions, belt driven gantry is a perfect choice. We supply custom-specific system solutions to satisfy your applications. They are pre-engineered and have a fast lead time.

XY belt driven gantry system
  • Ideal for high-speed applications, max speed suggested 2m/s
  • High precision linear guide rail, the positioning repeatability is +- 0.05mm
  • The sturdy end block and buffer pad can protect the actuators from high-speed impact.
  • The self-cleaning system allows maintenance-free
  • Large work envelopes
  • 100% duty circle
  • Two years warranty
  • Custom-tailored gantry solutions are available

Custom-tailored Belt Driven Gantry Solutions

Full Accessories:

Support Structure (Steel or aluminum support provides the strength and rigidity needed for high-speed applications.)
Stepper motor or servo motor ( famous brands, allows closed loop reliability and high dynamic performance)
Cable Management System( Standardized cable carriers with high flex cables ensure system reliability)
Travel Limit Sensors( Fully adjustable mechanical or proximity sensors provide over travel protection)
Home Position Sensor (Fully adjustable mechanical or proximity sensors provide accurate and repeatable homing)
Motorized Belt XYZ systems

Motorized Belt XYZ Systems

Belt Driven Gantry

XY Belt Driven Gantry

XY Cartesian Gantry Systems

XY Cartesian Gantry Systems

XYZ belt driven gantry system

XYZ Belt Driven Gantry System

XYZ Gantry System Linear Stage Belt Drive

XZ Gantry System Linear Stage Belt Drive

XZ belt driven gantry

XZ Belt Driven Gantry

xy gantry kit

XY Gantry Kit

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