Linear actuators are critical to all kinds of robotic and automation applications. In some applications environments like laboratories, medical, exhibition halls, etc, the noise level must be limited. Lucky for you, Nuodun L series and M series belt-driven linear actuators can be used for many applications, especially for low-noise applications. They are very compact, low vibration, high reliability, and high durability.

low noise linear actuator
  • Noise: Very Low Noise
  • Repeat accuracy of +/-0. 05mm
  • Load up to 60kg, speed to 5 m/s
  • Length up to 6M ((longer strokes for jointed versions)
  • Single, double, or long carriage options
  • All accessories: Servo or Stepper motor, sensor, Motor mounting kits
  •  XY/XYZ Multi-axis systems available

Low Noise Linear Actuator Application Videos

  • Robotic arms
  • Glue dispenser
  • Time-lapse tracking dolly
  • 3D printer machines
  • Lab testing
  • CNC router
  • Pick and place machines
  • Spray/Painting/Packing machines
  • Medical devices
  • And much more……

Select The Model

You can select the low noise belt driven linear actuators from the models below.  We are confident that you will get great service and ideal products from us.