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  • repeat accuracy of +/-0. 05
  • Acceleration up to 15 m/s2
  • Load up to 50kg, speed to 5 m/s
  • Length up to 6M ((longer strokes for jointed versions)

Customized options :

  • single, double or long carriage
  •  Servo or Stepper motor
  •  Limit switch, Motor mounting kits
  • Multi-axis systems
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Belt Linear Actuators Specification

Nuodun timing belt linear actuators are best suited to high-speed and long stroke applications. Fast positioning and maintenance-free. They use a low friction, preloaded, recirculating ball bearing system, precision machined aluminum base, and high strength, steel-reinforced polyurethane belt.

1Max loadkg1015253550
2Length (customized)MM300-5800300-5800330-5800350-5800400-5800
3Suggest lengthMM effective length+250 effective length+250 effective length+280 effective length+300 effective length+350
4Max speedM/S44444
5Max acceleration1515151515
6Max  torqueNM336.58.513.5
10Toothed belt widthMM1515202535
11Belt tensionN150150300300450
12Belt allowed elongation(%)
13Fx maxN102202360386550
14Fy maxN213213320485855
15Fz maxN102202360460780
16Mx maxNM1214.515.826.350
17My maxNM13.222.828.63638
18Mz maxNM9.29.812.520.630.6
19Application motorN/ANema 17/23 stepper
200/400W servo
Nema 17/23 stepper
200/400W servo
Nema 23/34 stepper
400/750W servo
Nema 23/34 stepper
400/750W servo
Nema 34 stepper
400/750W servo

Belt Driven Linear Actuator Kit

Nuodun belt actuators can offer more than 30 standard gantry configurations to solve all kinds of applications. They are a Ready-to-install system, including cable chain, limit switch, motor, mounting hardware etc.

xy linear actuator

Double Carriage Linear Actuator

Single Axis Dual Linear Actuator

Dual Axises Side By Side 

Doubel Dual Axises Structure

XY belt drive linear slide

XZ Cantilever Structure

XY Cross Horizontal Structure

XY Cross Vertical Structure

XY H-shaped Structure

xy belt driven linear rail

XZ H Shape Vertical

XY Horizontal Double Carriage

XYY Horizontal

XYY Vertical

xyz belt driven actuator

XYZ Belt Driven Linear Actuator

XYZ Gantry With Ball Screw

XYZ Cantilever Structure

XYZ Gantry( Aluminum Frame)

XYZ belt drive linear guide rail

XYZ Gantry With Double X Axis

XYZ Gantry With Double Z Axis

XYZ Axis With Aluminum Frame 

XYZ Axis With Aluminum Frame 

Multifunctional Accessories

These multifunctional mounts can be easily assembled between belt driven linear actuators and the working platforms.

speed reducer

Speed Reducer Set

To mount the motor on linear belt-driven actuator

motor mount

Motor Mount

To mount the motor on linear belt-driven actuator

L bracket

L Bracket

To build XY/XYZ belt drive system

limit switch

Limit Switch

To back to origin point and limit moving distance

rail mount

Rail Mount

To fix the belt-driven actuator to the surface floor


Adaptor Bracket

To mount different models or motors

Aluminum frame

Aluminum Frame

All kinds of aluminum frame available to make XY,XYZ gantry

motor and driver

Motor and Driver

Stepper motor/Servo motor Available

Countless Application Cases

Nuodun belt driven linear guide rails are widely used in automated production equipment. You can use our belt linear rails on dispensing, painting, welding, packaging, handling, inkjet, laser, engraving machine, robot, photographic slide, electric slide, scientific research, functional demonstration, etc.

We have over 10 years of linear motion experience and worked on thousands of cases. Whether you are a linear motion distributor, system integrator, or an end user, Nuodun is always your best choice.

17 meter long travel belt-driven actuators used vertically

Noiseless tooth belt linear actuator for automatic display screen

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  • Quiet running, high speed

  • Maintenance-free

  • Long life, Easy installation

  • Low cost