ball screw actuator semi-enclosed

Semi-enclosed Ball Screw Drive Actuator

Nuodun ball screw linear actuators use TBI ball screws, which can provide high accuracy and steady movement. They are suitable for high repeat accuracy, heavy-duty, high-load, and torques applications.
  • Repeatability: +0.01 mm
  • Horizontal Range from 13 kg up to 150kg
  • Vertical Range from 5kg to 75kg
  • Max Speed: 250mm/s to 2500mm/s
  • Available Stroke Lengths: 50-2000mm
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NDS Screw Drive Actuator Specification

  1. Different ball screw pitch options are available, also can customize screw specifications as per your requirements.
  2. Various carriage options: single carriage, double carriage(dual drive control), extended carriage.
Model NoMax Payload
Max Payload
Max  StrokeRepeatabilityBall Screw
(Pitch Option)
Max SpeedMotor Power (W)Application Environment
NDS6022/138/51000±0.02/±0.011605/1610250/50050w/100w/Nema23Semi Closed
NDS7530/20/15/1510/8/5/51000±0.02/±0.011605/1610/1616/1620250/500/800/1000200w/400w/Nema23Semi Closed
NDS8635/30/22/1812/9/7/61000±0.02/±0.011605/1610/1616/1620250/500/800/1000200w/400w/Nema23Semi Closed
NDS10050/40/25/2014/10/8/71000±0.02/±0.011605/1610/1616/1620250/500/800/1000200w/400w/Nema23Semi Closed
NDS12060/50/30/2415/12/9/81000±0.02/±0.011605/1610/1616/1620250/500/800/1000200w/400w/Nema23Semi Closed
NDS13670/60/35/2518/14/9/71500±0.02/±0.012005/2010/2020/2040250/500/1000/2000200w/400w/Nema23Semi Closed
NDS175130/110/80/3552/42/32/151500±0.02/±0.012505/2510/2525/2550250/500/1250/2500750w/1000w/Nema34Semi Closed
NDS220150/130/75/5575/55/35/201500±0.02/±0.012505/2510/2525/2550250/500/1250/2500750w/1000w/Nema34Semi Closed
screw actuator structure

Nuodun ball screw linear actuators can be built in all kinds of cartesian robots. It saves your time and reduces your start-up phase. Our professional engineer will make sure you get the optimum project solutions quickly, and reliably.

They are ready to install a complete system, including the cable guide, cable carrier, cable, sensor, stepper or servo motors, etc.

Ball Screw Drive System
ball screw actuator manufacturer

Nuodun electric screw drive actuators are widely used in a range of industries, such as positioning, pick-and-place, material handling, electronics assembly, wafer cassette shelving, and more.

Special Features Of NDS Ball Screw Linear Module

NUODUN screw driven linear actuator has accurate movement and smooth operation due to the below features.  It can meet and exceed customers’ requirements for high quality, high precision, and long service life. The most important, it’s cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Fully Enclosed Cover

360-degree all-round dust-proof and moisture-proof design, longer life and durability.

fully enclosed cover

Double-Line Guide Rail

Heavy load uses double-line guide rail, it has high running precision and more balanced operation.

The double-line guide rail

TBI Ball Screw 

Ball screw size/specification can be customized. Positive and negative teeth design to meet your needs.

tbi ball screw

Reinforcement Structure

Steel wires under mounting holes for slide deck and base. The screw sleeve screw glue is fastened and the operation is stable and smooth.

Reinforcement Structure

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