clean room Ball Screw Linear Module fully-enclosed

Clean Room Ball Screw Linear Module

Nuodun fully-enclosed ball screw linear module has steel trip cover sealing, it provides protection against particle immissions and emissions, suitable for clean room environments.

  • Repeatability: ± 0.01 mm
  • Horizontal Maximum Payload from 4kg to 150kg
  • Vertical Maximum Payload from 2kg to 75kg
  • Maximum Speed: 250 mm/sec to 2500 mm/sec
  • Available Stroke Lengths: 50-1500 mm
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NDSW Clean Room Linear Actuator Specification

Model NOMax PayloadMax PayloadMax   StrokeRepeat


Ball ScrewMax SpeedMotor Power (W)Application Environment
Horizontalvertical(Pitch Option)
NDS30W42400±0.01802100Nema17Fully Closed clean room
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Nuodun clean room ball screw linear actuators can connect together to make multi-axis systems in a large range of configurations.

The whole drive system including XYZ Connecting parts, cable guide, cable carrier, cable, sensor, motor connections, drive shaft, coupling, stepper or servo motors, etc. It saves your time and reduces your start-up phase. Our professional engineer will make sure you get the optimum project solutions quickly, and reliably.

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