Built-in Ball Screw Linear Actuator

NUODUN ball screw driven linear actuator has a compact robust design, and the built-in linear rail has smaller frame sizes compared with similar l load rating actuators. It’s ideal for use in compact environments.

  • Repeatability:+0.01mm
  • Horizontal Range 10kg to 110kg
  • Vertical Range 2kg to 33kg
  • Maximum Speed:100mm/s to 1600mm/s
  • Available Stroke Lengths: 50-1250 mm
  • Motor : Stepper / Servo
  • Motor Mounting: Parallel / Inline
  • Fully sealed design, compact, lightweight, space-saving and high-load

Built-in Electric Ball Screw Linear Actuator Spec & Video

Design Advantage

Increased rigidity and improved accuracy

The body and the sliding seat are integrally formed of steel. It reduces the assembly error of the guideway, and also improves the running straightness and rigidity.

Easy to install

There are nut grooves on the side and bottom, which are used for the installation and fixing of module towline sensors, motor link plates, etc., and can move along the beam body.

ball screw drive actuator
screw type linear actuator

Oil filling without disassembly

Solve the cumbersome oil filling and avoid affecting product accuracy.

High straightness and twist

Curvature and straightness <=0.03/300mm to ensure smooth sliding of the screw driven linear actuator.

ball screw driven linear actuator
electric ball screw linear actuator

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