Nuodun ball screw actuators can provide high accuracy and steady movement. The repeatability is ± 0.01mm, with a payload from 5kg to 150kg. Our ball screw driven linear actuator has three types: Semi-enclosed, fully enclosed(clean room) and build-in.

Ball Screw Actuator

Built-in Ball Screw Linear Actuator

ball screw actuator semi-enclosed

Semi-enclosed Ball Screw Actuator

clean room Ball Screw Linear Module

Clean Room Ball Screw Linear Module

Ball Screw Linear Module Applications

Nuodun ball screw driven linear actuators are widely used for positioning, picking and placing, carrying, press-fitting, etc, especially for the industries like electronic device assembly, liquid filling, welding, unit arrangement, press fitting of the circuit board and water box, etc.

Ball Screw Actuator Applications

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Nuodun ball screw actuators for high accuracy, high repeatability, and high-duty applications.

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