Nuodun ball screw actuator has an internal guide, ball screw drive, and flexible axial or parallel motor mounting.  The compact double bearing is integrated into the axis to save your installation space. It is suitable for high repeat accuray, heavy-duty, high load, and torques applications.
ball screw actuator semi-enclosed

Semi-enclosed Ball Screw Actuator

High resilience and rigidity due to integrated double guide, compact and has a low cost.

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Model NoMax Payload(kgs)Max StrokeRepeatabilityDrive SolutionMotor Power (W)Application Environment
Ball Screw Actuator

Fully-enclosed Ball Screw Actuator

The cover strip and the optional vacuum connection provide protection against particle immissions and emissions.

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Model NoMax PayloadMax   StrokeRepeatabilityDrive SolutionMotor Power (W)Application Environment
NDS45-C10800±0.01/±0.005    screw50/100Clean/dust free
NDS62-C201050±0.01/±0.005screw100/200/400Clean/dust free
NDS65-C30800±0.01/±0.005screw50/100Clean/dust free
NDS85-C501050±0.01/±0.005screw100/200/400Clean/dust free
NDS100-C651050±0.01/±0.005screw100/200/400Clean/dust free
NDS135-C1101250±0.01/±0.005screw200/400/750Clean/dust free
NDS150-C1201500±0.01/±0.005screw400/750Clean/dust free
NDS170-C1301500±0.01/±0.005screw400/750Clean/dust free
NDS220-C1501500±0.01/±0.005screw750Clean/dust free
ball screw linear actuator

Ball Screw Drive System

Nuodun ball screw linear actuator can be built in all kinds of cartesian robots. It saves your time and reduces your start-up phase. Our professional engineer will make sure you get the optimum project solutions quickly, and reliably.

They are ready to install complete system, including the energy chain, cable, limit switch, stepper or servo motors etc.

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